May 31-June 2, 2018  ·  Austin, TX
Norris Conference Center
Texas Camp 2018

Opening the Black Box: Becoming a Better Developer Through Debugging

Skill Level
Friday 6/1/2018
FFW | Magnolia A

Trying to tame a modern, fully-featured web application like Drupal can be an exercise in frustration. Whether you've been using a piece of software for years or you were just handed the codebase, many of the same problems can confound you.

  • Why are you seeing that piece of content there?
  • Why am I seeing a negative integer instead of a string from this function?
  • What does this PDOException in my Watchdog log even mean?

In our careers we've come to realize that the key to being a better developer is not having more tools in your toolbox, but in really knowing those tools - knowing not only when but how to deploy them to best solve the problem in front of you.

Presentation Slides

Dustin Younse

Dustin, a former 4th grade LOGO Programming champion, discovered View Source in 1997, and has been making websites ever since. He has a long time obsession with making computer interfaces more human friendly, rather than expecting humans to become more computer friendly.

Rob Ristroph

Rob is a veteran Drupal developer currently working as a Technical Architect at Acquia.