May 31-June 2, 2018  ·  Austin, TX
Norris Conference Center
Texas Camp 2018Texas Camp 2018

Monitor your Server Architecture with Zeomine Server Monitor

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You have a Drupal site, and you now have questions about what will happen when it gets popular. How much traffic can your server handle? Can we estimate it from a load balance test, or live traffic? Can we get alerts on every part of our architecture before a server goes down? Finally, do we really have to pay a small fortune for a commercial product in order to do this? Zeomine Server Monitor (ZSM) is an open source server monitor written in Python, which can send you alerts about problems before they are visible to the user, and can continuously log performance metrics and generate reports in a variety of formats. In this session, Dr. Michael Nolan will cover the ZSM project and the monitor’s current capabilities, and we will also have a short workshop in which participants will be able to write a plugin for Zeomine Server Monitor, which will process an access log file and upload the data to a Drupal site to analyze in Views.
Michael Nolan
Dr. Michael Nolan is the Founder and CEO of Cerium Software LLC, a software company that specializes in improving research productivity through automation and education. Michael maintains several modules on, along with Niobi Research Center, a Drupal 8 distribution aimed at universities and other research-oriented institutions. His focus is on using Drupal for developing web application platforms that serve large user bases, and in developing open-source tools to help others dot he same.