May 31-June 2, 2018  ·  Austin, TX
Norris Conference Center
Texas Camp 2018Texas Camp 2018

Enterprise Privacy/Security for Drupal Tech Leads and Developers

Skill Level
Imagine there are proven, easy to access ways for you to provide maximum privacy/security for your websites. Fortunately, teams of highly-respected experts have already done thousands of hours of research and legwork for you. And they have organized what you need to accomplish to maintain privacy and security for your websites into valuable To Do lists for you to use now. We are going to rapidly navigate through the complex of standards and zoom into the most far-reaching ones. Part One Common security standards, the associations behind them, and compliance procedures Compliance, Standards, Regulations and Audits Authorities, Groups and Councils Consumer, Corporate, Industry, Local, State, Federal, International Part Two Special Highlights: Privacy, Credit Cards, Health, Government GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FedRamp, FISMA Part Three Website Privacy/Security in Cloud, Databases, Web Servers, Email Gain a 360º privacy/security perspective that will enhance your Drupal devops knowledge in this vital area. Pantheon's Customer Success Managers hear from and connect with the security concerns of website stakeholders on a global basis that are involved in a wide cross-section of industries offering us a wide perspective. This fast-moving, info-filled presentation will quickly bring you up to speed on important privacy and security-related standards applicable to websites that your customers will need to run a modern website that meets compliance.
Peter Sawczynec
I am a veteran Drupal speaker and have previously presented at DrupalCon, GovCon, BADCamp and many other Drupal Camps. I connect well with and involve the audience. Attendees give kudos to my sessions. My Drupal 8 Kickstart presentations are also posted on YouTube with 1,000s of views. See my profile: to see my Drupal speaking experience. I am currently a Customer Success Manager at Pantheon. I connect daily with enterprise customers and hear the security concerns of website stakeholders on a global basis and it gives me a wide perspective on what developers should know. Previously I've been a hands-on Drupal developer. I've worked extensively with Acquia and other agencies working predominantly on tourism and government enterprise-level sites. Linkedin: