May 31-June 2, 2018  ·  Austin, TX
Norris Conference Center
Texas Camp 2018Texas Camp 2018

Configuration Management from A-to-Z

Site Building
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How do you move configuration from local or development environments up to the live site? If your answer is "copying the database" then you're doing it wrong and taking a big risk. Drupal 8's configuration management system changes everything. Whether you prefer the UI or the command line you can export your configuration to code and easily deploy it alongside your modules or custom code. In this session, we'll discuss timesaving techniques for managing your workflow. I'll show automation examples from the command line using Drush in a free Pantheon sandbox. Learn how to: - Apply practical workflows to your everyday site building process. - Pull configuration out of the database and into version control. - Deploy configuration to Live in the UI and from the command line. - Automate configuration imports in each of your environments. - Bring it all together and improve your team development workflow. This session is perfect for: - Anyone tired of making the same changes in every environment. - Anyone tired of losing valuable content by overwriting the database. - Developers who want to learn how to push config alongside their code. - Your colleagues who keep overwriting your changes. 😉
David Needham
David Needham is a Developer Advocate at Pantheon where he focuses on education and inspiration to help developers find success. David also serves on the board of directors at Enjoy Creativity. David has been a public speaker since 2008 and an entrepreneur since 2000. David enjoys photography, getting nerdy about productivity, and playing board games with his wife and kids. David has presented formal presentations on Drupal and WordPress dozens of times, including DrupalCons at Chicago, London, Denver, Munich, Portland, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Vienna, and Nashville.